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Queen Eufemias street – Wet


After a while the smart people that run the traffic lights recalibrated them and now it is a lot safer to ride this street.

Stil, it’s a challenge for all.
But when the streets are wet and the busses are big, a humble cyclist get really small.

Yes please. Cheer me up!


I am quite boring when it comes to choosing my rides. 90% of them head south passed Klemetsrud and on to Ski or Enebakk. and of course back the same way. Yepp: a bit boring. Just north of Klemetsrud there is a small hill. Not high, not steep, but after a long ride quite irritating. […]


These are a few of my favourite rides:

To work…

ca. 11 km

Tour de Siggerud

ca. 46 km

Tour de Enebakk

ca. 80 km

Around Øyeren

ca. 130 km

To Nesodden

ca. 90 km

Tour de Gaupesteinmarka

ca. 50 km


Cycling? Did you say CYCLING?

  • spring 2005

    My heart stops!

    Well. It didn't really, but I felt like it was close.
    On a (relatively easy) mountain trip with my kids I noticed that neither my breathing nor my heart frequence was exactly as it should be.
    I bought a bike the following week.

  • 2005 - 2007

    There we go

    I cycle to work when I'm not having driver-duties.
    Maybe not every week either, but often. More often then before.
    My heart is stil beating!

  • 2012 - 2014

    Things get organized

    That means: I start measuring and recording.
    With the help of a handig little GPS thingy my children bought me I start regording all my rides,
    And I start setting goals.

  • 2013

    Setting my goals

    This year I set myself three goals, I hope to achieve at least 2 of them:
    1. Cycle more than 2000 km.
    2. Cycle up to Tryvann.
    3. Cycle a trip of more than 75 km.
    I never made it up to Tryvann...

  • 2015

    New goals

    I upgrade my gaols a bit:
    1. Cycle more than 2500 km.
    2. Cycle up to Tryvann.
    3. Cycle a trip of more than 100 km.
    I stil haven't made it up to Tryvann, but I kept on cycling to christmas.

  • 2018

    So here we are...

    I'm pretty sure i can cycle 5000 km this year.
    The season started early. On spikes.
    More rides round 100 km and at least one over 200.
    And this year I WILL make it up Tryvann.

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And who is this bloke?

fred Moerman


I'm born in the fifties. Work at the Norwegian National Libray. I should be 15 cm heigher.
I try to ride my bike to work at least 3 times a week.
I can run up the stairs without my heart popping out of my ears.

I don't ride my bike as training for some kind of race. I ride so I can keep my body in acceptable shape.

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